The financial life planner for prospective college students.


Scout is the life planner for prospective college students.

What does Scout do?

Scout provides students with a single view of the real cost of college. Furthermore, it paints a picture of how your finances may look based on your selected major.

  • Calculates the real cost of college
  • Educates students on the return of investment of their major
  • Add other expenses
  • See how your financial life will look based on your choices now

The Technology

  • HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS, C3.js
  • Parse

The Data

We utilize Parse as our database. The data calculated is based on figures from Payscale.

The UI

The UI was built in HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.

Home Page: Provides an overview and landing page for Scout.


Login/Register: users can sign-up or login.


Register-flow: Allows students to input and see college data.


Dashboard: The dashboard page, the main page to compare and contrast the different options.


The Team

The University of Texas at Dallas: Tim Cheung, Richard Ho, Son Pham, Adil Shaikh, Jake Walsh

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