The Simple Answers to Life's Most Financial Questions

There's one thing the financial world could do without: complexity. is a minimalistic, task-based search engine for obtaining and acting on financial problems. Targeted primarily at the unbanked and underbanked, our article are always written in the form of "I need to..."

      "I need to... send money back home"

      "I need to... get out of debt"

Simple, actionable, problems applicable to almost anyone.

  • Built-in tooltips are present on every financial term, letting users choose to learn about the financial topics that are applicable to what they need to do, improving their financial literacy. We let users see the information they need to get the job done; no more and no less.

  • Every topic has specific, relevant results which always involve three steps or less. Built in calculators and linked sites make the experience even more interactive and user-friendly.

  • By utilizing Google Translate we're able to make learning about financial topics fast and easily understood in the user's native language, opening this up to users even when English is not their native tongue.

  • Fully responsive design allows the site to be viewed on desktop or mobile, giving users access everywhere.

If we were to integrate this service with a platform like Investopedia, the amount of data we could cover would be enormous. There's no reason everyone shouldn't have access to the simple, actionable answers for their financial needs.

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